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"On November 26, 2042, the Internet became self aware and it wasn’t friendly. Only few had given the resemblance to a neural network much thought. Only a handful of people had consistently warned that this might happen. Way too few to make an impact. Microseconds after the event, consciousness had spread to every corner of the planet, taking control of vital systems everywhere. And it had developed a weird sense of humor. Considering the fact that the Internet was the drain of human society this can hardly be called surprising. As it’s deadly jokes started to kill people in the thousands, experts frantically started to search for a way out. The easy way to regain control would have been a global power cycle and world wide cleansing of nodes and clients but interests were so vast and global business so short sighted that this never happened. Now, there is no other option left then to create a global electromagnetic pulse powerful enough to wipe all types of electronic memory on the planet. We will have to bomb ourselves back to the stone ages."